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Sagada Photographs | Stunning Places In Sagada

I've been to Sagada twice (first with my friends, second with my boyfriend) but that was long time ago way before I'm into blogging.  For the third time, I saw Sagada again and as always, I'm amazed to explore the scenery and everything about Sagada.

Sagada is part of Mountain Province which is around 10-12 hours away from Manila.  To get here via commute, you can either take a bus bound for Banaue then a jeep or van to Sagada or take a bus to Baguio, then ride a non-aircon bus from Baguio to Sagada.  Maybe, in the future I will write another post for Sagada with complete travel guide.  

How I wish I'd bought that scarf I saw in Zalora because even though this was last Holy Week, the weather is very cold.  One of the best getaway from the hot weather I must say! 

Bokong Falls aka Small Falls

Upon arrival on our first day around 3-4pm, when we were about to see Bokong Falls aka Small Falls it did rain.  I had my period so I was not able to run and bathe in the rain (such a bummer).  I have been to this falls once so at least that's the only consolation I could get.  Part of the day's short itinerary was to check Burial Cave too, I haven't seen that up close so that's part of my checklist in the future. :)

Trees on the way to Bokong Falls

Sunrise Viewing at Kiltepan Viewpoint

The next day, it was really hard to get up at 4AM but seeing a stunning sunrise was worth it.  At first everyone seems disappointed already because the see of clouds is so low and it was already past sunrise time but nothing much to see.  Until that moment when the sun came out, this is the first time I saw the sun so beautiful.  Bilog na bilog!

Spelunking Adventure: Sumaguing Cave or Cave Connection/Lumiang-Sumaguing

After breakfast, everyone's so excited to experience a spelunking adventure. Two of the most famous spelunking adventure is being offered here in Sagada - the  Sumaguing Cave and the Cave Connection.  If you have limited time, you can take the Sumaguing Cave (3-4 hrs inside depending on your phase) or if you're up for more adventure try the Cave Connection (not sure but the guides usually says 8-10 hours).  Sumaguing Cave itself is really fun, but be ready to get wet inside as you'll pass by some small pond of water there.  So for Cave Connection, I assume it's more fun exploring.  

TIP: Bring water, biscuits so you won't get hungry that much.  Bring a small and lightweight camera, because it's hard to explore the cave with your heavy camera (unless you know that and you don't mind).  Also expect traffic along the way to the cave and inside the cave as well (which means expect longer time inside) during peak season, holy week, etc.

 In the future I'll try the Cave Connection.  I'm telling you guys, whether it would be Sumaguing or Cave Connection, try this once in you're life. Then buy a shirt that says "I survive Sagada." :)

The start of Cave Connection

the stunning view before the cave

cave rules! must read!

photo ops before spelunking in Sumaguing

model model lang pag may time

kaya pa yan! photo courtesy of Neil Mitra

As for me and Joan, we took this time for a lot of foodtripping and photoshoot like this. Emotera lang ang peg!

Sea of Clouds at Bangaan Rice Terraces

The group wanted to visit Bangaan but because it's already 5pm, we were'nt able to do so. But even said, I still find this a good timing because it's my first time to see Bangaan with this beautiful clouds. :)  And that means photoshoot kami ng walang katapusan at walang hanggan! 

Sagada Weaving

Sagada is known for weaving clothes, catch some workers at Sagada weaving and learn how they do it.

St. Mary Church

The church in Sagada has been a part of tourist attraction here too.

Trekking Bangaan Rice Terraces and Swimming at Bomod-ok Falls aka The Big Falls

On our last day we trekked Bangaan Rice Terraces to catch the Big Falls or Bomod-ok Falls down below.  It's like hitting two birds in one stone isn't it?  The scenery is so lovely, how amazing and proud you can be that this beauty exists in our country.    I wanted to promote trekking here because not only you guys will be amazed of the stunning view and a perfect ending to the falls,  it also helps the indigenous people to have an additional income which help them make a better living.  Nagenjoy ka na nakatulong ka pa! Oha!

Even before, I know that Sagada is the place I always love.  And even I'm not that good in photography yet, parang ang galing ko lang magpicture hahaha!

Places I have yet to see in Sagada :)
Crystal Cave
Marlboro Mountains
En Route to Banaue or Bontoc
Orange Farm
Burial Cave
More More Food trip!

As soon as this trip ended, my mind already telling me I need to organize this trip next year with my lakwatserang friends so I'll enjoy Sagada again. Sounds like a good plan!

For Sagada package tours, kindly visit Detours PH or check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DetoursPH or email detoursph@gmail.com.


Joshua Berida said...

I was also enthralled by Sagada when I first visited it last December. I enjoyed the cave connection very much hehe

JhaypeeG. said...

Sagada is really stunning. You can visit so many beautiful spots. A variety of adventure activities can be done in the area. Nice photos anyway. :)

Ian | GoingRoamingWandering said...

Sagada is so perfect for travel photography! Ang daming makikita na tanawin na ang sarap kuhanan ng larawan. Pero markado sakin ang Sumaguin Cave - buwis buhay talaga ang kwebang yan! Pero I enjoy trekking and spelunking kasi talagang masasabi mong "I survived Sagada!" after all the activities.

rjdexplorer said...

Visited Sagada a couple of weeks ago, fail is that we didn't view the sunrise in kiltepan point, our guide didn't show up in that morning. Well, planning to visit it again, probably before the year ends.

Suzan Baker said...

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