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A Guide To Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is located in the region of Catalonia in Spain. This city on the Mediterranean coast is known for its architecture and its many landmarks.


The Sagrada Familia is the city's main symbol, a large cathedral known for its facade and its carved interior. Built by Gaudi, this unfinished cathedral is decorated with a myriad of sculptures and statues. Visitors can climb up one of the towers and enjoy views towards the city.

There are several other buildings designed by Gaudí. Two of them are located in the centric Eixample district. The Casa Milá, La Pedrera, has a wavy stone facade and a roof top decorated with stone statues. Casa Batlló is a house covered in colourful tiles with skull shaped balconies.

The Gothic Quarter is one of the city's most visited districts. The city's Gothic cathedral and its cloister are located in the district. This district has narrow streets and many ancient buildings built in a Gothic style. There are several art galleries, chic cafés and many vintage shops.

Park Güell is a park designed by Gaudí that is located north of the city center. This park has several buildings and sculptures, including one of Gaudi's houses which is now a museum. The park has many tiled fountains and an observation deck with views towards the city and the sea. Inside the park there is a porch area with bony columns and a cave.

Aquarium and beaches.

The Barcelonea beach is one of the city's main beaches. The coastline is filled with buildings and sculptures built in several architectural styles. After a stroll along the promenda visitors will be able to enjoy a drink on one of the city's beaches. The Port Vell is the city's ancient port. Part of the port has been transformed into a large commercial center. Next to this commercial center filled will cafés, shops and restaurants visitors will fin the city's Aquarium.

Markets and tapas.

Tapas are typical appetizers served with a drink that can be found in most of the country's bars. A tapas crawl is another way to explore the city and its more popular bars, those filled with locals. Many of these bars are located near the Rambla main street, in the Gothic district and the streets near the sea.

The city has several markets which have become local landmarks. The Boquería Market, located near the centric street of La Rambla, is a large iron market. There are many colourful stalls selling fresh fruit, organic vegetables, local products and smoothies. Visitors will be able to enjoy tapas at one of the market's many tapas bars. Typical tapas include tortilla de patatas omelet, a selection of local cheeses and hams accompanied by wine, some fresh olives and seafood appetizers. Visitors will be able to taste spicy chorizo, lentejas lentil soup and many meat based dishes.

Nearby cafés offer a traditional local breakfast consisting of bread drizzled in olive oil covered in fresh ground tomato and ham, pan tumaca. A budget option is to enjoy a Menú del Día for lunch. This type of menu is offered in most restaurants, and for less than 15€ visitors can enjoy two courses, bread, a refreshment and a dessert. The crema catalana is one of the most traditional desserts, similar to crème brûlée.

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