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Healing Galing in Novaliches, Quezon City

I've been ill for quite sometime reason why I've been focus lately on getting better.  A friend of mine told me she's been listening to Healing Galing every weekend and the show mentioned something about my illness so she wanted me to at least give it a try.

What is Healing Galing?

Healing Galing is a show in Aksyon TV 5, aired in FM radio 92.3 every Saturday at 6-8am and every Sunday at 11-12noon hosted by Dr. Edinell Calvario that mainly works on naturopathy or naturopathic medicine, a form of alternative medicine which is based on natural healing power of nature.  I think it is also being aired in cable tv and maybe in TV5 as well, just that we don't have cable and we have a bad network connection of TV5 (maybe they should focus on getting this fix first, i think this is one of the reason why most people were not able to watch their shows).  

I took the chance to visit their main office, to see what does it offer.  Their office is located in Novaliches, Quezon City.  They say that check up here is for free but you have to buy the products they offer.  I'll discuss further my experience here.

Healing Galing 
Main Office Address:
Career Development Building 
522 Quirino Highway, Brgy. Talipapa, Novaliches, Quezon City
Schedule/Business Hours: Every Monday to Sunday from 9:00AM - 5:00PM

How to Get to Healing Galing Main Office | Transportation to Healing Galing

Ride either bus or MRT all the way to Balintawak.  From Balintawak circle, ride a jeepney with signboard "Novaliches".  And  ask if they will pass by Quirino Highway.

Or you can go to Blumentrit (there's an LRT1 station at Blumentrit if you're not sure how to get there).  You can take a jeepney with the same signboard that will pass along A. Bonifacio Avenue all the way to Quirino Highway.  Jeepney fare costs more or less Php15.

Healing Galing Building in Novaliches using my mobile phone cam

As for me,  I took a jeepney from D. Tuazon corner E. Rodriguez that will bring me directly to C3 corner A. Bonifacio Avenue.  Then another jeepney to Novaliches.  I looked outside and waited until address reaches around 500,  my sign that I'm near and had to get out of the jeepney.

Update:  Healing Galing Office
So I'm taking a google map screenshot, for those who are clueless on where to drop off.  As soon as you passed by the corner of Piko street, just look at the right side, it should be there.  Beside the Career Development Institute building (Healing Galing office) is Metrobank and Chinabank.  You can tell the driver to drop you off in Talipapa right after Piko street (This is coming from Balintawak area).  You can also see here that the X mark is relatively near Mindanao avenue. 

My First Hand Experience

As I enter the site, I asked the reception area if I could get a number for check up.  I was given a form with a list of products and it has a number.  I went few minutes before break time that I had to wait until after lunch.

the order form

the people in the reception area

the people waiting to be called

more people waiting

As soon as my number was called, the lady in the reception asked what is my problem and asked to open my mouth to check my tongue.  I've seen this tongue reading before from Dr. Tan of Binondo so I wasn't surprised at all.  Anyway, she also checked my fingertips/nails saying how pale my nails were saying I'm anemic (which is true).  She discussed further and explained everything I need to know, especially maintaining a healthy diet.  She checked all the things I need for a week, and to be honest, it cost a lot.  I was able to buy her recommendations good for only three days.  

I bought from Healing Galing

Here's the information I got over the net of the tablets I bought from them.
Healing Oil - they say that this oil consist of many herbs.
Calcu tab - for the kidney
Spirulina - Based on wiki, it is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids, though with reduced amounts of methionine,cysteine and lysine when compared to the proteins of meat, eggs and milk. 
Serpentina - It is used as a herbal antibiotic which is also good for diabetes, or to lower high blood pressure
Organic Vit. B1, B6 & B12 - Organic vitamins for Thiamine (B1), Pyridoxine (B6), & Cobalamin (B12).

If you want to get appointment with Dra. Edinell Calvario, the latest date would be October 2014 as of this writing.  I was shocked and amazed to know that she is booked until the said date.

Healing Product List and Prices
as of the moment

Product NamePrice List
Banana Soap 135 gms.                                 120
Black Rice 1 kilo120
Calcutab 100 tablets400
Cleansing Tea 12gms/sachet40
Eye Drops 10ml200
Guava Soap 135 gms.200
Healing Oil 65 ml.450
Honey 12 oz190
Honey 16 oz250
Honey 24 oz375
Honey 32 oz475
Honey 8 oz125
Medicine Dropper 3 ml.40
Numotizine 3.5 oz.700
Omega 3 (Fish Oil) 30 Soft Gel300
Organic Vit. B12 20 tablets100
Organic Vits. B1/B6 20/20 tablets150
Rhizome (Cat's Whiskers) 200 pills600
Seaweed Soap 135 gms.150
Serpentina 20 tablets150
Spirulina (Healing Food) 30 tablets150
Tawa-Tawa Tonic 150 ml.100

I feel that for every illness we have is something to do with our lifestyle, with what we eat and drink aside from hereditary diseases.  Please note that this is not an instant cure to illness.  It seems that it takes a lot of patience to help you get better if you're up for naturopathy or alternative treatment.  Proper & healthy diet, positive thinking, supportive friends & family, and prayers may also help. :)

Disclaimer:  I'm only sharing my experience with Healing Galing, I bought the tablets so this is not a paid advertisement. Also, I'm no doctor or expert for this matter so it would be best to consult a doctor first.

These are the contact numbers being advertised in Aksyon TV Healing Galing show last Sunday.  Will keep this updated if ever they post more contact numbers.


Healing Galing Textline: 0918-591-1169

Angono, Rizal: 0927-951-8793
Antipolo, Rizal: 0927-951-8793
Balanga, Bataan: 0921-474-9124
Delta Bldg. Quezon Avenue Quezon City (Mon-Sat): 0927-337-7398 
General Santos: 0932-105-9306
Intramuros, Manila: 0917-423-0868
Las Pinas: 0929-130-7680
Monumento, Caloocan: 0927-311-3927
Pangasinan: 0918-630-2481
Puerto Princesa, Palawan: 0928-763-1775
Quiapo, Manila: 0917-423-0868
QC Mobile Consulatations: 0999-521-2802
San Mateo, Rizal: 0907-600-5906
Santiago City, Isabela: 0929-809-5520
Tagaytay City: 0939-938-4389
Tagbilaran City, Bohol: 0923-8189944
Taguig City: 0943-744-1889


Traveling Morion said...

yeah sa TV 5 Aksyon Tv ko nga napanood tong healing Galing :) Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Be 100% well dear! :)

adventurousfeet said...


hehe! salamat! :D

Caravan dealers Uk said...

This is really interesting.. I have watched Healing Galing once. It is a really valuable show..

Josephine said...

I haven't watched the show yet.. I think I gotta check this one out on TV.. :)

Nortehanon said...

I remember an aunt of mine who was ill. Gusto niyang magpagamot dyan. They have a loooooong list of patients pala! I think my aunt's family was told she can be accommodated mga 10 months pa after magpalista. Effective nga siguro ang mga meds at treatments nila dyan, otherwise hindi sila dudumugin ng tao.

Get well soon and God bless.

juanderfulpinoy said...

Get well soon my friend

Anonymous said...

hi po, meron po ba kayong branch sa cavite or alabang?

leopoldo togonon jr. said...

dito pa rin po ba ang new addresss ng healing galing sa novaliches quezon city may 2nd floor kasi nabanggit si dr.edenill calvario?

adventurousfeet said...

nabanggit po ba na no. 522 quirino highway pa din ang address? if yes, dyan pa din po siguro.

Unknown said...

my mom was free of kidney stone after taking calcutab for 2weeks recently...

Anonymous said...

they're on the 2nd floor na. Last kong punta kala ko wala na sila eh :( Yun pala umakyat lang ng ibang floor

Unknown said...

my branch po ba kayo d2 sa cavite? salamat po

Anonymous said...

sa Cavite pagbaba ng CSU- ROSARIO meron MR. LIEMPO sa likod nun meron na branch ang Healing Galing. Every FRIDAY ang consultation. =)

Anonymous said...

aside for rectal steaming. wat healinggaling products shd i take
for my hemorrhoid? tnx

Unknown said...

how to get there if may sasakyan? pano or saan bnda makikita un address na 500?

adventurousfeet said...

Hi guys, lagi lang po akong nagaabang sa right side ng highway to check anong number na ng address, tinitingnan ko lang po yung mga signage sa labas, minsan may mga complete address na nakalagay. so dun ako nagrerely. :)

aida/batasan said...

May branches b po kau sa san mateo?

Anonymous said...

may branch po ba kayo dito sa pasig?

aries said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aries said...

kahapon po ipinakita ko ang kapatid kong may CKD at diabetes sa healing galing....bumili po kami ng products nila at agarang disiplina sa katawan ang number 1 na kailangan sa pagkain upang gumaling...hindi pa dito nagtatapos...hoping for positive effects. Walang masama kung magtry at maniwala.

Unknown said...

My mlapit ba sa taguig na pwede mabilhan ng product nyo'napanood ko po kanina yong my nabuntis dhil sa healing galing product 7 yrs na kmi asawa ko gusto na nmen mgkaroon ng baby

SabrinaGreen said...

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Brooke Higgins said...

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james said...
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Roger David said...

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Suzan Baker said...

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Unknown said...

Good pm po! Hindi pa ako nakapanood ng Healing Galing programs ( Radio or in TV) and just recently lang po sa utube,im interested po, for my sister na may stage 3 cervical cancer, ano po kya ang pwde niyang gawin at e take na medicines nyo. Naniwala ako sa nga narinig at napanood kung mga testimony ng mga successful patients. Naka undergo na po ang sister ko ng 4 sessions chemo and radio therapy.Now, rest po cya sa treatment nya. Kc kailangan pa po nming mag prepare for her next medications. So we wanted to try the healing galing, hoping na lumiit ung bukol nya, that cause her too much pains.sana po matulongan nyo kmi. Sked po nming magpunta dyan sa main office nyo anytime soon, kc dyan po kami mas malapit. ..... God Bless Us All, sana po matulungan nyo kmi.

Unknown said...

hello po wala po kayo sa Zamboanga City po

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