Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014: The Colors of Binondo

Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of Chinese calendar.  Binondo is one of the busiest destination in the Philippines during Chinese New Year with all of the tourists, media people, photography clubs, and vendors flocking along the streets, perhaps strolling around, buying some good old lucky charms or making their way to taste some delicacies Binondo is known for.

Year 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to Chinese Horoscope

Binondo is one of the places closest to my heart.  I'm here almost every week where those weeks were only ordinary days to run my personal errand.  But when 31st of January 2014 came, it was a very great excuse to bring a camera and witness the colorful celebration of Chinese New Year in the streets of Binondo.

Did you know that Binondo is the oldest chinatown in the world?  This has became a huge business district in Manila and every time I step in Ongpin Street, I always thought that the community here is an inspiration. I'm seeing the hardwork and perseverance of the people and it's something we need these days.

people busy buying charms and 'pampaswerte'

Tikoy, made of glutinous rice, is the famous Chinese new year cake served during this occassion. 

Casta├▒as (Spanish for chestnuts) or roasted chestnuts are available in Ongpin Street anytime of the year

The family that works together, stays together

It was interesting to witness a dragon dance inside a business shop.  The Chinese owner watched the dragon danced first before he put a red envelope with money inside the dragon's mouth. 

Is the Eng Bee Tin store owner owns this building as well?  The lucky color.

Another dragon dance in the street.

Year of the Horse!

Candy Pop!

Even festival dancers are in for a parade!

Who wants to buy?
 with my friend Helen.  Thanks Choose Philippines for my new shirt. :)

I suddenly miss my grandfather with my photobomb-er. :)

Now, that's the!

" If I had a horse, I'd ride off in the sunset, where dreams, and shadows lie. To a life, where pain and sorrow don't exist, and to where hopes, and dreams become reality." - Lindsay Turcotte 

Have a blessed year everyone!!!


Geejay Gelogo said...

naaliw ako sa mga sisiw shots mo :) Ang cute!

Anonymous said...

Ngaun ko lng nbsa to.. as always, mgaling tlga mga shots mo cee eypot.. huow, thank u for making me part of this trip.. til nxt time

Suki F said...

I would love to be in China during New Years. They have such interesting and colorful traditions and tasty food.

omane said...

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