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Part8: Bukidnon-CDO-Iligan-Camiguin Trip Day3 - Camiguin Transportation and Ferry Schedules

Camiguin Island is known as the "Island Born of Fire", because of its seven volcanoes that eventually creates a lot of natural areas to discover and explore.  It is said to be the home of lanzones (lansones) too,  a small grape-sized tropical fruit grown all over the island, in which Lanzones Festival occurs every October. Truly this island has a lot to offer, that's why we alot our 2nd and 3rd day here. :)

Transportation to  Camiguin Island

Benoni Port in Camiguin is the drop off point in reaching the island.  There are two ways to reach Camiguin Island:

Thru Macabalan (CDO) Port

Ride a taxi to Macabalan Port.  Paras Seacat is the only ferry that can take you to Camiguin Island.  Travel time is about 2 hours.  You need to be aware of your time because there is only one schedule trip going to Camiguin, and vice versa. 

Macabalan Port in CDO

sit while you wait

Camiguin Transportation Details (vice versa) 2 hours

Taxi to CDO Port - Php 70
Terminal Fee - Php 15/head
Paras Seacat Ferry - P400/head

Paras Seacat
For Booking and Inquiries:Call (088) 8572727

Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin Island --> 8:30 AM
Camiguin Island to Cagayan de Oro --> 4:00 PM

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin Island --> 8:30 AM
Camiguin Island to Bohol, Jagna --> 11:00 AM
Bohol, Jagna to Camiguin Island --> 1:30 PM
Camiguin Island to Cagayan de Oro --> 4:00 PM

Deck - Php 400
View Deck - Php 400
Business Class - Php 600

Thru Balingoan Port

Take a taxi or jeep to Agora Bus Terminal in Cagayan De Oro City.  Ride a bus going to Butuan.  The travel time will take about 1.5 to 2 hours, then drop off at Balingoan Bus Terminal (pronounced as 'Balingwan').  You can either walk towards the national highway and  proceed to Balingoan Port (only 5-10minutes walk) or ride a motorela (tricycle)  if you have a lot of bags to carry.

Ride a RORO (Roll on, roll off) to Camiguin from the port.  This is also the proper way to reach the island if you have a vehicle with you.  Travel time: 45minutes to 1 hour.

Camiguin Transportation Details (vice versa) approx. 3 hours

Taxi to Agora Bus Terminal - more or less Php 70 (it depends from your source location)
Aircon Bus from CDO to Balingoan - Php 130/head
Motorela - Php 6-7/head
Roro from Balingoan to Camiguin - Php 135/head

Ferry Schedules

Note: Price and Schedule may change without prior notice

Fare: Php 130/head one -way

Balingoan Port to Benoni Port

5:45 AM – M/V Yuhom
6:00 AM – M/V Doña Pepita
6:45 AM – M/V Kalinaw
7:15 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
8:30 AM – M/V Royal Princess
9:00 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
9:45 AM – M/V Royal Princess
10:15 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
11:30 AM – M/V Doña Pepita
12:00 NN – M/V Hijos
12:30 PM – M/V Kalinaw
2:15 PM – M/V Yuhom
2:45 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
3:30 PM – M/V Kalinaw
4:30 PM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
5:00 PM – M/V Doña Pepita
6:00 PM – M/V Shuttle Ferry

Benoni Port to Balingoan Port

4:00 AM – M/V Doña Pepita
4:30 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
5:00 AM – M/V Royal Princess
5:30 AM – M/V Kalinaw
6:15 AM – M/V Hijos
7:00 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
7:45 AM – M/V Doña Pepita
8:15 AM – M/V Yuhom
8:45 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
9:30 AM – M/V Kalinaw
10:15 AM – M/V Hijos
11:00 AM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
11:30 AM – M/V Royal Princess
12:00 NN – M/V Shuttle Ferry
1:00 PM – M/V Yuhom
2:00 PM – M/V Kalinaw
2:45 PM – M/V Shuttle Ferry
3:30 PM – M/V Doña Pepita
6:00 PM – M/V Shuttle Ferry

Exploring Camiguin

To explore camiguin, you can either rent a motorcycle to tour around.  On the other hand, if you're in a group, the cheapest way is to rent a multicab - it's like a smaller version of jeepney.  Because it's an open-air ride to different spots, one can really enjoy the beauty of the island.

At around 1030 am we arrived in Camiguin through Paras Seacat, we rented Kuya Chris as our multicab rent/guide beforehand. He picked us up from the Benoni Port in Camiguin.

Kuya Chris and his multicab

Chris multicab rent
Contact number: +639215637788

Rates: (including pick-up from benoni port, vice versa)
Php 1500 for 1 day
Php 2500 for 2 days

Next Blog: Start of our Camiguin Tour! =)

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demeter said...

hello travelbuddy. thanks for dropping by. I'm really sorry for not answering you earlier. Regarding your question on TAMBOBONG, Yes, medyo mahal nga dun. If you are not too particular and can rough it out, why not setup a tent near the beach? Go to the area near the (broken, rundown) wharf. Once there ask the nearby houses for Deo Bobis or his brother Joey Bobis and ask to use their CR and waterpump. No charge yun. You can leave them some money when you leave if you feel like it but its not necessary. Tell them you know the blogger, Francis

adventurousfeet said...

Hi demeter,

it's okay no problem. I was able to visit tambobong :D

aaron say said...

Hi adventurousfeet,

Which do you think is better --- Pabua or Paguia? better in terms of room, access to food/food places, service, hospitality, assistance for tour, assistance for boat.....

thanks a lot! your blog really is a great source for CDO-CAMIGUIN getaway! :)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Aaron,

Both Pabua and Paguia are homestay just near the shores to White Island, in fact they're neighbors, literally! It would be unfair to Paguia because haven't got the chance to stay there. I think from other blogs, Paguia is fine, recommendable, and they also have spacious rooms as well.
It was Pabua's owner Kuya Poloy who managed to reply to me very quick when I booked my room during planning (that's why I decided to stay here), and he took the initiative to ask me too about our boat to White Island. They lend us hot water and utensils when we had our coffee without extra charge. They can cook food for you as well.

In terms of the tour, I suggest to check Kuya Chris (his contact is in my blog too) because he's got the cheaper rate compared to some recommended.

judy said...

you are heaven-sent, adventurous feet! sumasakit na ulo ko sa pag plan ng itinerary namin for march 7-11 trip to cdo, bukidnon and camiguin-until i stumbled upon your blog. thank you so much for the blow by blow (wow! prang boxing neh?) account of your adventure to those beautiful places. reading it, makes me say, "wow! pwede din pla naming isingit ang iligan, if only to see maria cristina falls!"
so lalo akong nahihilo ngayon sa pag plano ng aming trip next month, with the possibility of including iligan,
so i cry to you for HELP!
eto sched namin: we arrive cdo at 6:30 am of march 7, and we leave cdo at 8:05 march 11.
sa bukidnon, i want to experience the ultra light flying, dahilayan adventures and a visit to the monastery of transfiguration for kodak moments and my "monk's blend".
getting a rented car is ideal kso lima kmi lahat. di kakasya sa kotse. meron bang innova ung contact mo?
sa cdo nman bukod sa rafting, we want to go to mapawa, and initao natural park..of course buy souvenirs and pasalubongs
sa camiguin, ung mga must see places..
pwede mo ako magawan ng itinerary sa mga specs ko na ito. thank you ulit ha..kinakapalan ko na mukha ko :-)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Judy,

Here's some of my points from your plans:

Mind you, 4 days/4 nights is really not enough if you want to see everything, but you just need to decide which is important on your trip :)


Mapawa Nature Park - you need to alot whole day for the adventure if you're going to try their river trekking. Are you just going to take pictures only?

Rafting in CDO needs half of your day, period.


Reaching Camiguin will take you around 2-3 hours, You'll reach it before lunch, so you will only have half day for the tour. There are so many tourist spots here where half day is not enough. Going back to cdo will again take you around 2-3 hours as well, you need to take note of that too.

Must see for me:
White Island
Church ruins and walkway to old volcano
Sunken Cemetery
Sto Nino Cold Spring
Ardent Hot Spring
Giant Clams (if and only if you're up for snorkeling, but this is time consuming since the sanctuary is far from other spots, we did this on our 2nd day in Camiguin)


If you want to do everything in Bukidnon, you need to alot one whole day for it. Take note, if you read comments from my flying gecko adventure part 2 of this blog, it is closed as of now for maintenance so you need to contact them if it's available on the date of your vacation. If not, you only have Dahilayan and Monastery to check out.

And yes, I think he also have vans to cater for groups, just ask him for the rates :)


Going to Iligan is about more or less 2hours of travel. If you're only up to Maria Cristina Falls, you'll probably return back to CDO after lunch. But since your trip is a weekend vacation, you'll probably not going to see the twin falls inwhich can be seen during weekends.

Here's IT for you:

Trip to Bukidnon (whole day)
Arrival at CDO pick up for Bukidnon
Flying Gecko - contact this one if it's already available on march.
Dahilayan Adventure

Trip to Camiguin (1 & 1/2 day)
VERY EARLY trip to Camiguin
(or if you still got time the day before, you may take the afternoon roro to Camiguin via Balingoan Port, so that your Camiguin day tour will start early morning, in that way you can go back to cdo in the afternoon at 4pm via Paras Seacat)
Lunch - Also, make sure the resort where you plan to stay have a ready lunch for you to eat or it will consume time.
White Island - stay here for not more than an hour
Church ruins - picture taking
Walkway to old volcano - picture taking
Sunken Cemetery - for sunset shots
Sto Nino Cold Spring
Ardent Hot Spring
early next day go back to cdo.

Trip to CDO
white water rafting in the morning
Mapawa Nature Park

Trip to Iligan
take the 6am bus to Iligan
Arrived in Ma. Cristina falls at 8-9am
Leave the falls at 11am
Lunch at 11am
Arrived back to CDO at 2p-3pm

Some rafting groups also offer packages Dahilayan+Rafting in one day if you also want to consider that.

Sana makatulong! Enjoy your trip :)

^jAc_QuE^ said...

Hi,i was kinda running out of hope in making our itinerary for cdo-iligan-bukidnon-camiguin until i stumbled upon your blog. thank you so much! really has so many important infos.

great post.

i'd just lyk to ask how much u were able 2spend all in all?

ur post really shed light on my it.

our trip is on march1-6. hope u cud help me sort my it out.

thanks a million! ;)

adventurousfeet said...

Hi jacque,

All in we spent around 8-9k(without airfare). This is because we're just 2 from day2-4.

You seem to have lot of time, what's your plans first? or what do you want to do/see really? In that way I could help. :)

toni protacio said...

thanks for this.. really helpful. keep on blogging.

adventurousfeet said...

thanks toni

Anonymous said...

hi po.. where can i see the rates of Pabua cottages and paguin? 7 po kami.. tnx..

adventurousfeet said...

hi anonymous.. please contact pabua cottages at 09064152557. meanwhile you may call 09063542745 for paguia cottages.

we were booked at pabua cottages for Php700/room/night

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful info! Is the ferry schedule for Balingoan to Benoni including RORO boats? Do all of those ferries listed carry vehicles as well?
Thanks! - Rose :)

Kriza @ cagayan de Oro Philippines said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is what I hate about going to Camiguin, but its worth though.

tiny's best-loved said...

Your experience was a big help for my friend and I when we were in CDO. Thanks!

adventurousfeet said...

@travelling tiny
thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are traveling to CDO by Jan. 24 to 27,2012 . Time of arrival 3:00 pm and time of departure 8:00 pm.Can you help plan my itinerary? we are composed of 4 senior citizens and 2 late fifties.We want to go to camiguin, ma. cristina falls and divine mercy in El Salvador.Where we can rent a van good for six adults and how much it would cost. Thanks for your help!!!

adventurousfeet said...

Hi Anonymous,

you could try to contact them, if they have van for rent. we rent the vehicle from them when we went to Bukidnon, and Kuya Boyet is a trusted guy. You could ask them for their rates for your Ma. Cristina Falls escapade.

Boyet Gulle

Main +63.917.700.8150


On the other hand, you can tour Camiguin via renting a jeepney-like multicab. But if the seniors may not feel comfortable with it, ask the van (above) for their camiguin rates as well.

You can visit El Salvador and Maria Cristina Falls in one day. (They're off the same route)

Jan 24
I have 2 options for you, stay in CDO for the meantime (relax and dine out) or you can go directly to the port to go to Camiguin(via your rented van)

Jan 25
Enjoy Camiguin and tour around (thru rented van or multicab)

Jan 26
Enjoy Camiguin and tour around
Back to CDO and pack your things for the next day's flight

Jan 27
Wake up early and go straight to Ma. Cristina Falls and El Salvador. You'll probably be back at CDO in the afternoon, just in time to prepare for your flight.

unachicaloca said...

Hi adventurousfeet :)

My friends and I are heading to CDO this Nov for a 3-3.5-day trip. We also plan to include Bukidnon, Camiguin and Iligan. Now here's the catch - we were separated into 2 different flights - one group arriving Thurs morning and leaving Sunday morning, and the other group arriving Thurs afternoon and leaving Sunday late afternoon. That's where our problem lies - we only have 2 full days to enjoy this trip as a whole group! (thinking about it now, I'm stressing out again, hehe) Thanks to this very helpful and informative blog, I am seeing some light in our predicament.

Now here's our plan:

Thurs morning - 1st group arrives at CDO; trip to Iligan (Tinago and Ma. Cristina Falls)

Thurs afternoon - 2nd group arrives; CDO city tour; meet up with the first group late afternoon

Fri - leave for the earliest ferry out to Camiguin; whole day island tour (Church ruins/old volcano, Sunken Cemetery, White Beach, Ardent Hot Springs, Sto. Niño Cold Spring); back to CDO late afternoon

Sat - white water rafting + dahilayan zipeline package (with possible zorbing)

Sun morning - 1st group leaves for Manila; 2nd group heads to Iligan (Tinago and Ma. Cristina Falls) then flies back to Manila in the afternoon.

I know that's one hella schedule. Is that even feasible? hehe Would greatly appreciate any feedback/advise from you. Thanks so much!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi! i badly need help.

my friends and i (total of 10 people) planned 2 xplore cdo, bukidnon, iligan and camiguin. we'll be arriving in cdo on d morning of oct 29th and our flight back home 2 cebu will be 12noon of nov 1st. after i saw ur blog, i got so hyped to try everything u tried. but we're caught up on amount of time we have. can u help us decide what to do?

we would really appreciate it :)

adventurousfeet said...


thank you for reading my blog!
anyway, im not sure if ultralight flying gecko in bukidnon is available right now (been informed its under maintenance but you can contact them for clarifications).

what time exactly is your arrival in cdo on first day? first thing you should do with limited time is decide what place you should prioritize. Are you up for adventure, try dahilayan zipline in bukidnon. Or are you the one who would like to go camiguin and explore what island has to offer? There some things need to be sacrifice, so choose the one that you and your friends will like the most. :)

day1 - dahilayan zipline + white water rafting
day2 - iligan trip
day3 - camiguin (you'll arrive around 1030am so choose only the places you like)
day4 - back to cdo - only that you need to go back (be aware of the travel time) very very early to catch up for your flight at noon

itinerary here is interchangeable, it always depends on your preference what to do first :)
just learn to manage time :)

Anonymous said...

hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog........

me and my husband scheduled flight is on Nov 3 at 4am, and flight back on Nov 6 also in the morning, is it possible for us to visit dahilayan on 1st day, travel to camiguin at night and spent the 2nd day there, travel back to cdo at night then go to iligan on 3rd day. how much do you think we'll spent excluding airfare?
thanks and God bless......

adventurousfeet said...

If you're planning to visit dahilayan and go to camiguin after you can take the roro in Balingoan Port but I guess it's best to go to the port around lunchtime. Bukidnon is out of way from Balingoan Port, so you need to add travel time Bukidnon-CDO then CDO-Balingoan Port. If you're going to rent a vehicle, that would be plus factor for you to lessen travel time.

On your 2nd day in Camiguin, spend the day (just choose place you want to go) then go back to cdo (via paras) at 4pm trip.

If you allot one whole day for iligan adventure, you should not have any problem here, we've done it the same way you want it.

Expenses would always depend on you, on the type of accomodation you will choose from, the rates of adventure you'll try like zipline in dahilayan, and the food you'll eat. Range could be 5-7k, but this still depends on you. :)

MERTZ Rent A Car said...

Ultralight flying gecko in Manolo fortich,bukidnon is not available(under maintenance).

MERTZ Rent A Car said...

Thanks for posting my number. :) - Boyet Gulle

adventurousfeet said...

my pleasure kuya boyet!! hope to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

good day! i would like to ask if my boyfriend and i can tour 3D 2N CDO-bukidnon-camiguin-iligan, arriving at CDO 9:40am, and catching the 8pm flight back to manila. we want to experience dahilayan, white water rafting, camiguin sights+white island, ma.cristina and tinago falls. is this far fetched? would really appreciate your help! thanks i advance! ^_^

adventurousfeet said...

Im not sure if that would be feasible. You can try dahilayan + water rafting in a day (make it on your IT on 3rd day because your arrival on your 1st day is very late). Then a trip to iligan will take you more than half of your day. It took us 1.5-2days alloted for camiguin only.

Unknown said...

thanks very much adventurous feet, we'll be going there next week almost same itinerary... thanks for the information and contact numbers... :)fidel here from palawan

adventurousfeet said...

thank you for visiting my blog :) enjoy your vacation

Anonymous said...

hi there. i read your blog, for your trip wwr+dahilayan, did you take the package tour and to whom? my worries is that it will just be me and my hubby and I cant find anyone who will take us since most of the packages are minimum of 6 persons at least some are min of 10. tnx for blogging really helps a lot. ^^

adventurousfeet said...

if you're going there on a weekend, you can try to contact them if they can add the two of you to other people going there as well. during our time, they only allow it for wwr and not for wwr+dahilayan package. we didn't avail a package tour

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Maybe you can help us in our itinerary, here's our fligh sched:
August 25 (saturday) depart Manila 2:00pm
arrive CDO 3:25pm

August 28 (tuesday) depart CDO 3:55pm
arrive Manila 5:20pm

We want to try the water rafting, visit dahilayan park, del monte club house and also Camiguin tour.

If you can suggest where we can maximize our stay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ada here... Thanks for writing this article... It's very helpful... I'm planning to go to CDO late November... I don't want to miss Camiguin... I have a later flight to CDO... So I opt to stay in CDO... Is it possible for us to go to camiguin in the morning and be back in the afternoon? We have to be in CDO very early in the morning for a fun run... Thanks

adventurousfeet said...

it might be possible but you might missed some part of camiguin since you only have few hours to spend in the island. piliin mo lang, kasi layo layo din ang mga tourist spots

Anonymous said...

how much will be he fare if we bring our own car? an ideas kung magkano ang car fee?

Unknown said...

Hi please would like to ask for great 4 days 3 nights iterinary for CDO-Camiguin-bukidnon and probably if we can insert Iligan city ... Our EDA to CDO is march 15 3pm. And ETD march 19 5pm. You can free to call me for the propose iterinary in this number 09273246055 and I will be the one will call you sir . Thanks .. Justine

adventurousfeet said...

hi justine message me on my facebook page then let's chat that way i can help you. i hope you know i'm not a travel agency i'm just blogging my experience :)

Anonymous said...

Sigurado po bang merong multicab from Camp Philips to Dahilayan?

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