Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Part 3: Trip to El Nido, Palawan Day 3 - Island Hopping Tour C (Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Helicopter Island)

Here's what we did on our El Nido island hopping Tour C.

Sunset in Corong Corong

This time around, Su suggested we try the private tour. And so we did.

First Stop: Hidden Beach
In Hidden Beach, there were huge limestones blocking the beach, that looks like it is hidden.  The view is stunning, the water is so clear, I really wish we've stayed longer here because I fell in love with the beach.  Be careful when walking the shallow waters of Hidden beach, make sure you haven't step on sea urchins or small corals.

Panoramic shot by Su

Closer look

Me, Su and Ann

Jason's selfie underwater

Second Stop: Lunch in an Island
We're supposed to have lunch in one of the listed island for Tour C, but the boatman/tourguide Kuya told us there are lot of tourist in the said island, so they brought us to this area.  There were only two groups that had lunch here (us, included).  While the guides/boatmen prepare our food, we took this time to enjoy the beach.

Panoramic Shot by Su

Foodtrip, beach life.

beautiful limestones everywhere

Third Stop: Secret Beach
Boats cannot enter the area, there's a very small hole where one can pass to get into Secret beach. Kuya helped and guided us.  You also need aqua shoes here.  

entrance to Secret beach

picture muna

Inside Secret beach

The other side, see the hole?

Fourth Stop: Matinloc Shrine
The Matinloc island has an abandoned house with a shrine.  It looks mysterious being abandoned but what's make this island interesting is the beautiful limestones surrounding it, plus there's a place you can go up and see the view above.

where boats docked

the shrine, and the house

the view above

Fifth Stop: Helicopter Island
Another favorite of us is the Helicopter island.  View from afar, looks like a helicopter, or a submarine, depending on the person's view.  The sand seems like it is made up of finely crushed corals. The beach doesn't have any jellyfish which is a plus point.

Helicopter island

One of the best island for us

We're the only people left.

We reached Corong Corong before 6pm just in time for another sunset. Took a bath, freshen up for dinner, then we took a tricycle to El Nido Town beach side.

Beautiful sunset in Corong Corong

We had our dinner in one of the small scale restaurants/eatery by the beach. Nothing special with the food though.

Back to Corong Corong, we spent the last night in one of the small bars near Telesfora. You may want to try 1209 Sunset Bar, owned by travel blogger Angkulit.

Nightlife in Corong Corong.  Very quiet.

1209 Sunset Bar

It's a very great trip that I had separation anxiety after.  Thanks for reading my post, you may also check my itinerary and expenses during our trip. :)

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Jeff said...

I really enjoyed reading your 3 posts of your trip in El Nido. Looking forward for more of your trips! :)

Philippines Travel Package said...

Stunning photos!!! Indeed El Nido is a beauty, I was there before but the weather isn't that good but still beautiful. I will definitely visit again..

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